xóchitl beauty

Xóchitl Beauty is not only a brand that offers you great and effective skincare but also represents our indigenous culture by using plant-based ingredients native to Turtle Island.

Xóchitl Beauty's mission is to educate consumers on ingredients to help you make better informed decisions when choosing your skincare.

Xóchitl Beauty is a brand that came from love, knowledge, and strength, here to share it with the world.


Meet Ivonne

Xicana woman born and raised on Tataviam Land, San Fernando Valley. An expert Holistic Esthetician and Artist of 10+ years, and an advocate for self-care. She noticed a need for good quality basic skincare essentials because nothing seemed to penetrate well into the skin nor have a long lasting effect. After having a child who began to experience some eczema, she noticed the uncomfortable side effects the steroid creams were causing to her child's skin; this is what drove her to listen to her 15-year-old self and make her dreams of having her own brand a reality. 


Her love for the healing powers of plants and the lack of products that fit her needs and believes is what pushed Ivonne to make her own. XÓCHITL Beauty.
Handmade plant-based skincare made with quality organic ingredients. Birthed in Southern California, inspired by Indigenous Remedios with a blend of beautiful ingredients from all around the world.

"Tlazcamati! Thank you for your interest in XÓCHITL Beauty, and I hope to take you along this journey with me."


Xóchitl = Nahuatl word for flower.